If you speak Spanish your first thought might be "casa" or house. Under normal circumstances you would be right, but not here. Releasing edits and original music in Spanish was what led me to create this segment of my project. While making house edits of latin music and original latin music is not an original idea, I dubbed this segment "House En Español" because I wanted to express my latin roots and culture in my music. Schade cannot exist without this artistic expression as it is a part of me. If you've been following me for a while then you'll remember a series of songs I put out in 2019 involving edits of artists like Bad Bunny and J.Balvin and a Soundcloud page I created called "House En Español By Schade". You might even remember original songs like  "No Soy Igual" and "Pegaté ft. Manny S" coming out of 2018-19 Schade Era. 

Due to my ambition I took on many challenges in the past 2 years, including me just wanting to be a better producer overall which led me to step away from a lot of what I had created including House En Español. After a period of substantial growth and heat, this segment laid dormant for while. Maybe it has to do with how I felt on a personal level as well, but just know it was never my intention to leave it on a hiatus for so long. The good news is that we back and better than ever. There is no risk without reward!! 

The Resurgence

In 2022 House En Español showed up again, starting off with an edit of Bad Bunny's single "Un Verano Sin Ti" in the summer which is doing good rn! The support led me to continue this series again with "Rakata" being my most recent release and "El Tiburón" coming right up! I also have some other tunes in the vault so expect to see a resurgence of House En Español from me at this time. This series is also very party oriented so expect more reggaeton edits on the way. I would be doing myself an injustice to not tap into my roots and my upbringing in something as expansive as music. Latin music played such a big part in my life leading me to eventually do what I do today so expect House En Espanól to play a role in my project in the years to come. 


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