The Music


In the last 6 years I've learned that music is really crazy and it has nothing to do with money or fame. Music can invoke emotions and feelings, it can make us move or make us cry. It is also a form of expression for some and a source of comfort for others. You can pick any mood and theres a song for it. While music has had a place in my life since an early age, I started Schade in 2016 officially. I was producing dubstep and trap if you could believe that. Since then I've tried a multitude of different things in my production, I've taken many risks in the pursuit of evolution, I've never been afraid to try new things if it meant reaching new heights. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

My goal with music has always been to create an experience that comes from within me. From 2018 to 2020 that experience was raw driving energy and release. You saw me drop records like "No Soy Igual", "She Don't Want U", and "Schadeamente". You saw sets like "Schade Live @ Nocturnal 2019" and "Schade - Beyond Wonderland Virtual Rave a Thon". After 2020 my attention was more focused on a new element in my music which was writing lyrics and performing my vocals. The records that came from this period of time were "Renegade", "Super Trip" and "Just The Moment" (along with many other tests and experimental projects). I was going through a really weird time because I was very isolated from the world and my peers during this period (2020 - early 2022). I found out that what I make and put out reflects my current state of mind and I am not bound to one "sound" or "mood" forever. There was also a time where I felt like I had lost it all but life has a way of reminding me that I'm not down for the count just yet.

Over the last 7 months a lot of crazy things have happened and have shifted my focus once again. I find that a new flame burns inside me, hotter and more fierce than the last. At the moment my focus is on making and putting out music that makes you wanna dance and move. I want to electrify the party. You will see more edits and party oriented releases from me during this time, both in english and spanish. Maybe its because I've been spending more time in the club lately, playing shows, throwing parties and hanging out. Summer 22 was good to me, and I sure needed that. I wouldn't be here with out you so thank you for your support. Thanks for holding me down and never letting me forget who I am. Schade is here to stay, and while the sounds may change over time, the experience will always be real. 

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